Torsos 0014

Torsos 0014

Torsos 0014

Author:   Tekahem
Year:   2015
Limited edition: 5 copies
Size:  100 x 100 cm

Printed on Hahnemülhe Photo Silk Baryta 310 grs
Mounted on alu-dibond 3 mm
Suspension: Alu Hanging Frames Assembled in the Corners, Wall Slat included

Signed at the back
Numbered at the back
Delivered with a certificate of authenticity

2 500,00 €

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'Torsos' is a series of 'portraits' for which Tekahem invites his models to present their torso to the camera, up to them to chose the way they want to present it.

Tekahem: "Taken one by one, each image is a bit incongruous. Put side by side, they start making sense: the way the model present his or her belly to the camera, the 'dress code', the colour and texture of the skin, tattoes nomally hidden, all these details reveal something of the culture of the model. My intention is to take this series a few steps further, in different parts of the world to observe the answers I will receive to my simple question: can you show me your belly?"

"As always, I work with the single 1-square-meter format. I'm also looking for extreme sharpness on certain details like the skin texture,a slight duvet, eyes, eyelids... It's fascinating, both tender and cruel."

Data sheet

  • Height : 100 cm
  • Width : 100 cm
  • Thickness : 2 cm
  • Weight : 6,5 kgs
  • Material : Papier Hahnemuhle on Alu-Dibond 3 mm
  • Style : Body Part
  • Medium : Photography
  • Edition limited to : 5 prints
  • Stickerdesigner : SD
  • sdVersion : HTML
  • sdStickerSize : 3
  • sdStickerX : 2
  • sdStickerY : 2

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