Low Tide 0012

Low Tide 0012

Low Tide 0012

Author:   Tekahem
Year:   2016
Limited edition: 5 copies
Size:  100 x 100 cm

Model: ByuRuka (Heck)

Printed on Hahnemülhe Photo Silk Baryta 310 grs
Mounted on alu-dibond 3 mm
Suspension: Alu Hanging Frames Assembled in the Corners, Wall Slat included

Signed at the back
Numbered at the back
Delivered with a certificate of authenticity

2 000,00 €

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'Low Tide' is a series of portraits by Tekahem in which the models are requested to pose, taking into account that the line of the table will cut the image at the lower third of the photo.

This line, the slice of the table, creates between the portraits, a link, a repetition, an invitation to go from one image to the next, an abstraction through wich the attention of the spectator is drawn to the model, leaving behind the composition, volontarily reduced to its smplest expression.

Data sheet

  • Height : 100 cm
  • Width : 100 cm
  • Thickness : 2 cm
  • Weight : 6,5 kgs
  • Material : Papier Hahnemuhle on Alu-Dibond 3 mm
  • Style : Portrait
  • Medium : Photography
  • Edition limited to : 5 prints
  • Stickerdesigner : SD
  • sdVersion : HTML
  • sdStickerSize : 3
  • sdStickerX : 2
  • sdStickerY : 2

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