Tekahem, aka Thierry Van Kerm, is trained as industrial designer. Through his career, he has always worked in the creative industries and or business management. In 2013, he decided to dedicated a growing part of his time to his own creative activities mainly through paintings and photography.

His paintings and photographs are always designed in a very strict and predefined format, the square. By this choice, he creates a repetitive rythme, like a musical variation.

In his creation, he leaves a large part to random or serendipity. Starting a painting, he has no idea what he's going to paint. Taking a photograph, he leaves as much freedom as possible to his models, introducing elements that will have them react, opening their mood and personality.  

It all leads to intriguing images and artworks, in which each viewer finds her/his own world or interpretation, or portraits that bring the very soul to the surface.